Tracy Martinez is a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusivity, with over two decades of dedicated service to the LGBTQ+ community. Tracy’s commitment to these important issues has had a positive impact on the lives of many LGBTQ+ individuals. Her personal journey has inspired her to make a difference to those who do not feel safe or confident to speak up.

Growing up she experienced biases from all walks of life which meant she did not feel comfortable to ‘come out’ until the age of 39.  She now wants to be a voice for the LGBTQ+ community, through her passion and deep commitment to promoting inclusivity, awareness, and understanding of her community.  

She has been designing and delivering LGBTQ+ training for the last 5 years with her focus is on key areas such as:

  • Gender identity
  • Sexuality
  • Gender Expression
  • Barriers to service
  • Legislation and Human Rights
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Supporting Individuals 
  • Safeguarding Practice Reviews

Tracy Martinez’s extensive experience working with LGBTQ+ individuals seeking support, has enriched her work and deepened her understanding of the LGBTQ+ community’s unique needs.

Tracy has 30 years’ experience of policing and investigation, however it is her 10 years’ experience of safeguarding that has added to her understanding of the vulnerabilities of some LGBTQ+ people especially around hate crime and discrimination.

As the former Chair of the Essex Police LGBTQ+ network, Tracy tirelessly championed LGBTQ+ rights within the organisation and fostered a safe and inclusive environment. Under her leadership, Essex Police achieved recognition as a top-ranking Stonewall Workplace Champion.

Tracy was nominated for the Diversity Award in 2010 “in recognition of the contribution to promoting equality and diversity throughout Essex Police and improving the confidence of diverse communities”.

She designed and delivered Domestic Abuse Safeguarding training and compiled the content of the Essex Police “Officer’s Guide to Vulnerability Handbook, which was issued to every police officer and member of staff.

She received a Community Action Award in 2020 from Colchester Pride “in recognition for all the amazing work you do”.

Her long-standing commitment to the community is an example of how individuals can make a significant difference in promoting diversity and inclusion.

Tracy loves cycling, paddle boarding, and walking with her wife Lisa and their little sausage dog Terri.